Our Team

The Whistler Trail Solutions Team consists of progressive and experienced professionals, who spend as much time riding the trails as they do building them.  We offer an extensive and strong background in the Mountain Bike industry and Bike Trail Network development. Our expertise ensures that your trail network will fit the established model and vision for your community.


We will assist you personally and take you through a detailed Trail Network evaluation and development process.


  • Feasibility & Design

  • Design & Planning

  • Construction & Development

  • Mountain Bike Product & Risk and Safety


It is our goal to provide you and your environment with new and innovative possibilities for manageable and sustainable Trail Network and Mountain Bike solutions. 

Latest Projects

The Rainbow Development in Whistler, BC.

We were contracted by Big Bang Construction to create multi-use trails within the existing subdivision so neighbourhoods could be connected. The goal was to provide residents and community members with attractive alternatives to walking or riding on busy roads. Beautiful bridges across Baxter and Trudy Creeks are only some of the highlights that enhance the enjoyment of trail users.

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii


Whistler Trails Solutions is workingwith the Resort and their Activity Operator Heli Huli to develop a Mountain Bike product for years to come. A multi Phase constructiona and training program is launched to introduce a new activity to the region, more details to follow soon.

Our Expertise