Feasibility and Design


Whistler Trail Solutions will help your community to develop the best Mountain Bike product and trails possible.

On our first consulting visit, we will perform a detailed site analysis and subsequently provide you with a report that explains the feasibilities of managing and/or developing a trail or trail network. 

Mountain Bike 
Product Development
  • Operating Plan and Forecast

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Staffing

  • Construction and Development Plan

  • Detailed Construction Budget

  • Maintenance and Budget Schedule

  • Instructor/Guide Development Program

  • Product Design and Product Packaging

  • Event Programs 

  • Community Enrichment Program

  • Risk and Safety

Mountain Bike Trail 
Multi Use Trail

Applying the correct construction method from the very beginning is important with Trail Network layout and construction. Special techniques can be used when designing trails for multiple user groups to improve their co-existence.


  • Downhill Trail

  • Cross Country Trail 

  • All Mountain Trail 

  • Multi-Use Trail,Hiking, Non-Motorized


What type of user are you planning for?


Public Park Trail Network 

Private Resort Operation

Municipal, Provincial or Federal Lands




Site Analysis
  • Trail Inventory and Maping

  • Terrain Assessment and Feasibility Assessment

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Construction and Development Estimate

  • Operations and Management Plan

  • Visitors and Revenue Forecast

  • Financial Plan

  • Community Enrichment




After our initial consulting visit, we will provide you with a detailed report and options to help you make informed choices

Trail Network

Every town, city, park or resort operation is different, but all face similar challenges. These may be trail erosion, land conflicts and building a new or developing an old trail network.  Whistler Trail Solutions can assist in making sure that the development is done correctly and with direction. After meeting with you and performing a detailed site analysis, we will provide you with tangible data to move forward with a Design Plan.

We will look at the type of product that you would like to offer and analyze its feasibility. 


  • Trails and Trail Networks 

  • Public Park Land

  • Residential Land 

  • Private Resort

  • Maintenance Plan

  • Mountain Bike Rental

  • Mountain Bike Tours

  • Mountain Bike Clinics


Whistler Trail Solutions will make sure that your trail network fits the established model and vision for your community.