Design & Planning


Whistler Trail Solutions plans and designs trails for 90% of the mountain biking in Whistler riding community. Our focus is directed towards progressive, practical and affordable solutions for the creation of both, purpose-built MTB trails and multi-use trail networks.

Whistler Trail Solutions will make certain that your trail network fits the established model and vision for your community.

We will assess your current trail situation and future land development possibilities and we will help create the right trail network management plan for the future.

Site Analysis
Network Planning
  • Trail Inventory and Maping

  • Terrain Assessment and Feasibility Study

  • Environmental Assessment

  • Construction and Development Estimate

  • Operations and Management Plan

  • Visitors and Revenue Forecasts

  • Financial Planning

  • Community Enrichment




After our initial consultation visit, we provide you with detailed reports and options to assist you in making informed choices.

The correct planning and designing of a trail or an entire trail network is important in order to avoid adverse environmental impact or increased costs.


From start to completed project, we offer our solid experience in designing a brand new trail network or developing existing trails and networks with modern building techniques.


Whether your trails are on private, government or public lands, we will help you develop the most practical trail plan which will suit your community.


We can help manage multiple user groups as we do not cater solely to mountain bikers. Whistler Trail Solutions also designs and builds multi-use trails, which service any non-motorized activity.


Environmental considerations, terrain, vegetation

annual Weather impact



Mountain Bike Product Management Plan
Mutli-Use Trails and Land Use Management 
  • Operating Plan and Forecast

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Staffing

  • Construction and Development Plan

  • Detailed Construction Budget

  • Maintenance and Budget Schedule

  • Instructor/Guide Development Program

  • Product Design and Product Packaging

  • Event Programs 

  • Community Enrichment Program

  • Risk and Safety

Due to the ability of mountain bikers to access any accessible terrain freely and move through it fast, conflict often arises between them and hikers or property owners.


Whether you are a private operation or land, a governmental public park or land, the conflicts are always similar.


Whistler Trails Solutions will implement design and construction techniques, which will help mitigate user conflict.


We also have experience in solving land management issues through progressive and inclusive approaches that establish a suitable etiquette for all parties involved.


Whistler Trail Solutions will help you develop sustainable multi-use trail network strategies