Community & Risk and Safety


Every town, city, park or resort operation is different, but all face similar challenges. These may include trail erosion, land conflicts or building an entirely new trail network from scratch. Whistler Trail Solutions can assist in ensuring that the development is done properly and with direction. After meeting with clients and performing a detailed site analysis, we will provide tangible data to move forward with a design plan.

Mountain Bike Product Management Plan
  • Operating Plan and Forecast

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Staffing

  • Construction and Development Plan

  • Detailed Construction Budget

  • Maintenance and Budget Schedule

  • Instructor/Guide Development Program

  • Product Design and Product Packaging

  • Event Programs 

  • Community Enrichment Program

  • Risk and Safety

Bike Trail Network Management
  • Public or Private Trail Network Management Plan

  • Coaches and Instructor Training

  • Bike Camps

  • Bike Event and Programs

  • Bike Rental and Retail

Community Enrichment

Your community includes everyone to whom your trail and network reach out. It is linked to the environmental setting around you and the access it offers.


Whether you are located near a city, which might generate a high volume of bike traffic or in a more isolated destination,

we will help you develop the best strategy to manage your mountain biking product.


  • Public Trail Network Management Techniques

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Local Resources

  • Trail Signage and Etiquette

  • Local Business

  • Bike Events and Programs

  • Bike Club or Association



Risk and Safety

With increased traffic and a wide spectrum of users, safety must be of primary concern in any riding area. Though mountain biking does include an inherent risk, practices can be implemented to educate staff and users on effective approaches to risk and safety.


  • Techniques and Features Supporting Safer Trails

  • Trail Etiquette

  • Signage Program

  • Design and Construction Style




Drawing from over 40 years of experience in the mountain bike community, Whistler Trail Solutions uses advanced and progressive practices promoting the fun filled and healthy activity of mountain biking