Rainbow Development 

Rainbow Development, Whistler, B.C.

We were contracted by Big Bang Construction to create multi-use trails for connectivity within the existing subdivision to provide linkages between neighbourhoods and link in to Municipal surrounding Trail network. ...

 Hey Bud and
  Crazy Train
on Blackcomb Mtn

2014 Trail Maintenance and Re-routing on WhistlerBlackcomb Crown Land Recreation Area 


Hey Bud and Crazy Train are two of Whistler’s trails, which have existed for decades. Located on the lower part of Blackcomb mountain, the two trails were built by recreationalists early on in the development of mountain biking in the area. ...

Turtle Bay Resort
Oahu Hawaii

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii


Whistler Trails Solutions is workingwith the Resort and their Activity Operator Heli Huli to develop a Mountain Bike product for years to come. A multi Phase constructiona and training program is launched to introduce a new activity to the region, more details to follow soon.