Rainbow Development, Whistler, B.C.



We were contracted by Big Bang Construction to create multi-use trails for connectivity within the existing Rainbow subdivision. The goal was to provide linkages between neighbourhoods and a connection to the municipal surrounding trail network as well as giving residents and community members attractive alternatives to walking or riding on busy roadways. Among the highlights are beautiful bridges across both, Baxter and Trudy Creeks. The positive resonance from the community speaks of the project's success.

Baxter Creek Bridge Rainbow Development


Baxter Creek Bridge is part of a footpath connecting two trail segments within the Rainbow subdivision. It was built with railings as it surpasses the 4 foot height maximum for the Whistler Trail Standard. The bridge is expected to become a high traffic crossing since a convenience store and gas station are located nearby. 

Whistler Trail Standard Type 3 Trail


Due to increased trail use and mountain biking, the Resort Municipality of Whistler established the Whistler Trail Standard in 2002 to implement a plan for the development of the local net. According to that Standard, the avarage single track trail is considered a Type 3 Trail and most new residential developments are asked to have those built for integration into the surrounding trail network as added value to the community.

Recreational and Community Trails


Recognizing the community recreational value of trails for fitness, healthy living and Enviromental protection, the Resort Municipality of Whistler as been working for years with any new housing developments to include recreational trail in their Master Plans to link into the surounding local Trail Network.