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Mountain biking has seen many dramatic technological improvements over the last decade. The modern mountain bike has become lighter, faster and more efficient to use for a broader user group. This allows more riders to reach and ride trails that were inaccessible to them still 5 years ago. This development has increased traffic on existing trails in most areas and many communities struggle to adjust to and manage this new reality. It has become imperative to introduce proper trail standards and etiquette to manage user and land conflict as well as high traffic issues.


Feasibility &

Helping to provide the most progressive  and sustainable design for your chosen site location


  • Trail Network Development Strategies

  • Land Use Management

  • Multi-Use Trails

  • Mountain Bike Product Development

Development, Construction &


Whistler Trails Solutions can design and develop the strategy chosen to move forward. We offer:


  • Construction Planning

  • Management Planning

  • Trail Design and Planning

  • Trail Building Team

  • Construction Maintenance Budget and Schedule

  • Future Development Identification


Let’s get dirty and make it happen! Whistler Trail Solutions is ready to dive into the work it takes to make your vision happen.

Design &

Whistler Trail Solutions specializes in helping to create trails and community biking amenities in an approach that is visionary, collaborative, innovative and affordable to build and maintain.


  • Trail and Trail Network Planning

  • Site Analysis

  • Mountain Bike Product Management Plan

Local Community,
Risk and Safety
  • Creating a Cycling Association

  • Advocacy Group

  • Trail Programs

  • Coaching Programs

  • Event Programs 

  • Risk and  Safety



[Risk and Safety Management]

With the increase in traffic and a multitude of users, Risk and Safety must be of primary concern for any riding area. Although mountain biking does include an inherent risk, best practices can be implemented and guests and staff educated to mitigate the risk and improve safety.


Through assessing your current trail situation and future land development realities, we will help create the right management plan for the future.